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The Illuminating Project started in 2019 as a community-based initiative showcasing 30 inspiring women from the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin community.  The project resonated with those featured in the exhibit, as well as the audience.  It also inspired employers who were searching for a novel approach to improve employee engagement and retention.  The project evolved organically from a community-based initiative into a business-focused venture prioritizing employee appreciation, engagement, and retention, thereby fostering business growth.  With its attentive focus on individuals, their unique talents, and contributions to their workplace and communities, the Illuminating Project was seen by employers as the antidote to the Great Resignation.    Supported by industry research and unbiased in-house data collection, the Illuminating Project serves as a powerful tool to retain valuable employees, create vibrant work environments, and make companies shine.  


A native of Berlin, Germany, Juliane Troicki, Ph.D. has lived in New York City and Philadelphia before making her home in Wisconsin.  When she is not chasing after her four children, her husband and her rescue dog Roy, Juliane enjoys weightlifting and restoring mid-century furniture.  Juliane cares deeply about others and is always searching to learn more about the world around her.  With the Illuminating Project, Juliane is excited to learn from others and honor their inspiring stories.

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