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Bringing the Illuminating Project to our company was a great decision. Our featured employees felt seen and appreciated, all while the rest of the company felt connected and learned about them on a deeper level. Utilizing this type of employee recognition is not only good for business (retention and building culture), but it’s good for the soul. Seeing other women’s stories was both inspiring and humbling. The Illuminating Project team was fantastic to work with; clear communicators who injected passion into everything they do. It’s clear that they don’t just view the women they work with as stories – but as people who they treat with great compassion.”

Sierra T -  Internal Communication Specialist

What drew us to the Illuminating Project was the opportunity to shine a light on women at our company.   This collaboration was a unique opportunity to present our company in an artistic way.  We could recognize our employees as individuals and as valued members of our organization.  The events created through the Illuminating Project helped us build community and strengthened our culture.  The Illuminating Project provided value to our company in employee appreciation, retention, and engagement, and we would definitely recommend the experience.”

 Krista ET – General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Executive Vice President, Human Resources



It will be great collaborating with the women after the Illuminating Project. Now we know so much more about them and see their achievements. We will feel more connected and work together in a more meaningful way. 

Tim S, Executive VP


“The team at the Illuminating Project was so genuine and down to earth (…).  They really listened and made me feel comfortable. A very inspiring opportunity that made me feel special

Angie W

I was deeply honored to be selected as one of the 30 illuminating women in the Fond du Lac area. Who wouldn't want to be told they are illuminating and inspirational? I was even more moved when I discovered that the reason they had chosen me was because of two things I am passionate about--reading and civic engagement. I viewed my participation in their project as an opportunity to spark, perhaps, a similar engagement in those who would view the exhibit they created. Of course, my family was also incredibly proud of me and it gave me the chance to share with my children, especially my daughter, what I view as my purpose in life. My daughter traveled from out of state to attend the opening of the exhibit and that is something I will always treasure. I'm ever grateful to the Illuminating Project for recognizing that what drives me has made a difference in my corner of the world.    

Amy M

My experience with the Illuminating Project was very positive and heart-warming.  I was amazed at the insight that Juliane gained about me from what was a casual and friendly conversation. She managed to take bits and pieces of my life and put them together to give a very accurate and complimentary picture. The whole process helped me recognize what I had accomplished and my hope is that it made others realize that if I could do it—they could, too. To me the project is two-fold: it makes the person being featured feel very special, but by illuminating their accomplishments, it will hopefully encourage others to follow their dreams also.

Mary Ann W

“When Juliane approached me on wanting to illuminate my story I was truly humbled. I never thought I would be recognized for my character and past accomplishments. My mentoring women and volunteer work came naturally to me but I never thought it would be worthy of public acknowledgment. To share my life story with Juliane was an encouragement as she asked just the right questions and listened intently as I shared my passions. She fully understood the accomplishments and she managed to capture my passions and incorporated it into a meaningful recognition.   After this recognition I was energized and felt more joy in the areas I have been serving.      I was honored to be included with other Illuminating Women who have left their mark on our community.”  

Karla P

The Illuminating Women Project is exceedingly valuable in recognizing and valuing women and their contributions.  Women have been making a difference in their communities for as long as there have been communities.   I am both humbled and proud to be acknowledged as a woman who has tried to make a difference in her small city, humble to be surrounded by so many effective women and proud to be numbered among them.

Mary W

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